Kindle Fire Email Setup

  1. From the home screen, tap Apps
  2. Tap Email
       • If no email accounts set up it goes to Add account:
       • Tap ‘Other Providers’
  3. Enter First and Last name in the ‘Name’ field
  4. Enter full email address in the ‘Email address’ field
  5. Enter email password in ‘Password’ field
  6. Enter a name to identify the email account in the ‘Description’ field
  7. Tap ‘Manual setup’
  8. Tap POP3 at the top of the screen
  9. Incoming server settings
       • Username: full email address
       • POP 3 server:
       • Security Type: None
       • Port: 110
       • Delete e-mail from server: Never
  10. On Outgoing Server Settings screen, enter the following:
       • SMTP server:
       • Security type: None
       • Port: 587
  11. Require sign-in: checked
       • Username: full email address
       • Password: email address password
  12. Tap Next
  13. Tap Save