History of InvisiMax

InvisiMax got its start in the small town of Hallock, Minnesota in 1996. Recognizing a need for Internet access, four partners sought to connect their hometown to the World Wide Web.

By the end of 1996, we had 81 customers and zero full-time employees. That changed quickly when neighboring communities recognized the huge potential of the Internet. The company was soon growing exponentially.

In 1998, we pioneered high speed wireless Internet access, a technology so new that it was necessary for us to write all of our own software. This hard work paid off. In 2001 we officially became InvisiMax. Because of our founder’s creativity, in 2002 we were awarded one of the nation’s Top 10 providers of broadband wireless Internet access, by Broadband magazine. Our commitment to innovation is still intact, and outstanding customer service has become our trademark.

Today our services include custom-made firewall protection, online back-up and much, much more. InvisiMax customers are able to use the Internet every day to overcome the limits that geography has traditionally placed on the Midwest. Businesses are reaching new markets, saving time and making money. Family and friends are enjoying the true entertainment and communication value of the web.

InvisiMax has evolved into much more than just an Internet provider. We’re delivering the world to you.