Welcome Maple River Communications Customers

Welcome to InvisiMax! We are excited to have you as a customer and look forward to servicing you!

  • Customer Portal – call the office or send an email to get an account setup for online payments.

Having troubles with your internet connection?
Here are some ways you can get help:

  • Call 218.745-6030 and open a ticket. If you call after hours or on weekends you will get after-hour support. After-hour support will assist with trouble-shooting the problem. If a solution isn’t found, a ticket will be forwarded to customer service to assist further the next business day.
  • Email us at support@invisimax.com.
  • Please note you cannot text the 218-745-6030 number as it is a landline.


Q: Will customer service change?

A: It will be the same customer service call in number. The entire InvisiMax customer service team will now be assisting with support calls. As any change, there will be a learning curve, but in a short time we expect to be up to speed with quick response times.

Q: Are prices going up? Or changing?

A: In the next 6 months your “packages” will change. In most cases the price will remain the same or even lower and bandwidth speed will increase.  It is our long term goal to increase speeds 2-5 times current packages.  This will take time and effort to get to this level.

Q: Will my internet service improve; can I get more bandwidth?

A: Yes. Please realize this happens one location at a time. During this time of transition, please continue to contact us with your requests. Again it is our goal to increase speeds from 2-5 times, with even larger packages where requested.

Q: What kind of internet packages will be available?

A: Our goal is all customers will have a 25/5 package with higher amounts available where requested. All of this at current price levels. That is a large, but realistic goal but will not be completed over night.

Q: Is the same Staff able to service me.

A: Yes, and we have and will continue to add additional staff.

Q: What or who is InvisiMax?    

A: InvisiMax is a locally owned, FIXED WIRELESS INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (WISP). Wireless internet is our main business and focus.  Our Mission is “Connecting People and information”.  The corporate office is located in Warren MN, yet employees are local and located throughout the coverage area.