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Do you have a need for faster Internet Access?

InvisiMax is the region’s most mature Internet Provider currently serving thousands of businesses and residents.  We are continually investing in our network to keep up with the growing need to connect people and information.  Trust us to connect you.

We serve the following communities and surrounding areas:

Minnesota: Alvarado, Angus, Argyle, Bigwoods, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Euclid, Fisher, Hallock, Humboldt, Kennedy, Olso, Radium, Sherack, Stephen, Warren

North Dakota: Arvilla, Binford, Buxton, Colgate, Cooperstown, Drayton, Emerado, Finley, Fordville, Forest River, Golden Lake, Grafton, Grand Forks, Hannaford, Hatton, Honeyford, Hope, Larimore, LuVerne, Manvel, Mayville, McCanna, Minto, Nash, Neche, Niagara, Northwood, Pembina, Reynolds, Sharon, Sutton, Thompson, Voss, Warsaw

We do provide service to other rural areas as well. Please visit our Coverage Map page for locations.


Our customers no longer think of the internet in terms of megabits but rather in terms of apps like NetflixX-Box LiveCraigslist and Skype.

We have structured our internet packages around what you and/or your family does with an internet connection and how many devices will be connected at the same time.

View our Residential Bandwidth Packages


A range of packages from 5 Mbps to 25 Mbps.  Custom packages are available. We have increased our package speeds in many areas.

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Residential Neighbor Links

Our neighbor links can now provide you coverage to areas that didn’t have it before for a small one-time investment by you or shared among your neighbors.


Supporting Products

Additional products to enhance your connection experience!

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