Service FAQ’s

Service FAQ’s

Installation FAQ’s

Is a contract required?

No. InvisiMax does not require long term contractual commitments to use our service..

Is the connection always on?

Yes. No more dialing in or entering passwords. Click on your browser and you are on.

How can I sign-up for InvisiMax?

Contact Customer Service at 218-745-6030.
Also visit our Tower Coverage page to verify you can get a proper signal, which is located here: Coverage Map
E-mail us at to request a sales call.

What if I have questions?

Call our Customer Service Line at 1-218-745-6030, Option 4
Monday through Friday – 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
You will receive fast, friendly, knowledgeable assistance

E-mail us at

Do I need a phone line?

No. InvisiMax does not use phone lines.

Am I billed extra for staying on all the time?

No. You have unlimited connection time.

How much does the InvisiMax service cost?

 Residential Connectivity
 Business Connectivity

Is there an installation or activation charge?

There is a $149.00 installation fee for all packages. These costs will be added to your first monthly bill. There is only a $49.00 activation fee if you suspend service for a period of time and then reactivate it.

Will other equipment in my house interfere with my signal?
Yes. 2.4 GHz phones  and any other wireless equipment using the 2.4 GHz frequency such as wireless video cameras can cause interference with your incoming signal if it is using the same channel as our equipment.

How Does this compare to DSL or cable modem?

InvisiMax wireless service provides comparable speeds to both DSL and cable modem, however our uploads are generally much faster!

What data speed can I expect?

To determine which speeds are available for each package see our Internet Connectivity section.

Will I be able to send pictures or other large files fast?

Yes. You will have just as fast upload speed as download speed.

What about service?
  • Excellent quick response
  • Unmatched technical support
  • Quality answers and guidance
  • Use our website for assistance
Do you filter spam/junk E-mail?

Yes. This is always a moving target as spammers find new and creative ways to send junk mail. InvisiMax is continually updating our software and e-mail servers to minimize the effects of this for the customer. InvisiMax offers personalized control settings that may be changed by the customer based on their need.

What about viruses?

InvisiMax scans all incoming and out going e-mails and their attachments for viruses – We scan all attachments and remove those viruses. You are notified in the e-mail that the attachment has been removed.

Can I check my e-mail from anywhere?

Yes. Use the invisiMax WebMail. You will be able to check e-mail from anywhere you have internet using even a dial-up connection.

How many e-mail addresses do I get?

Up to 10 e-mail addresses – setup different accounts per family member.