Installation FAQ’s

Installation FAQ’s

Service FAQ’s

After I have signed up for the service, what is the next step?

InvisiMax technicians will then come to your house and perform the installation. The Installation Technician will locate the best signal which will tell us how high the antenna must be located and where the customer wants the interface unit located in the house. InvisiMax will only drill holes through the wall required for cable entry. If InvisiMax can use existing structures we will mount the antenna to it. If a mast is required, InvisiMax will install one for an extra fee. After the antenna is installed and interface unit connected, the technician will set up the customer’s computer and make sure the unit is operating properly.

Can I do the installation myself?

A Professional Installation must be done by an InvisiMax technician.

Do you do site surveys?
We do not do residential site surveys. We come onsite with the intention of performing a full installation. If however, we are unable to get a proper signal to your location, there will be no costs or obligations to you.

How big is the cable from the antenna to the interface unit?

The cable is a small coax cable. It is not the same as the coax you use for your TV.

How big is the antenna?

There are a few different sizes offered depending on how strong the signal is at your residence. The smallest antenna is 6 inches x 6 inches. The largest is approximately 12 inches x 18 inches square. Both types are mounted on the roof or another external structure.

Is the installation process similar to that of DirecTV or Dish?

Yes. An Antenna will be mounted externally. Cable will be run from the exterior of the home to a box in the interior. The box will be connected to your computer. Differences: The antenna will not point to a satellite in the sky but to equipment placed atop a nearby water tower or local elevator. Rain snow and wind SHOULD NOT AFFECT YOUR SERVICE. If you are having performance issues please call customer service.

Will I need to be present during the installation?

Yes. You will need to be present during the entire installation process. You know your home better than we do.

How long does a standard installation take?

Approximately 4 hours. Time may be shorter or longer depending on the difficulty of cable installation.

Will I be charged extra for running wires?

Possibly. The technician will spend up to one half hour free of charge running wires inside the home. If additional wire has to be fished down more than one wall there will be fees charged for extra wire and extra time.

What does line of site mean?

This system needs a clear line of site from customer’s property to access point. Trees or buildings in the clear line of site will degrade quality signal reception.

What if my roof has cedar shingles?

Unfortunately, we are unable to install antennas directly on cedar shingles. However we may be able to install on other areas of the home or pole next to the home. The technician can go over these options during a site survey.

What if my roof has snow or ice on it?

Your installation will need to be delayed until the snow or ice has melted.

What other Fees are there?

Non-Sufficient Funds – $35.00.
Service Calls – minimum of $50.00.
Account Activation Fee – $49.00 (For accounts that have been suspended by the customer or InvisiMax for non-payment)
E-mail Continuation After Disconnect – $2.00/month per account

How does the InvisiMax high-speed, wireless Internet access work?

InvisiMax utilizes fixed wireless technology which transmits data via wireless radio frequencies between the company’s wireless access point located on a tall structure in the community, and a small antenna attached to a wireless radio at the customer’s home or office. This technology, which uses no phone lines, provides Internet access no less than 2Mbps.. The service coverage area is generally 7 miles around each tower, and service requires line of sight to the tower.

What areas does InvisiMax serve?

Please check out our website under Coverage Map.

How do I log onto InvisiMax?

There is no “Log On” associated with the InvisiMax wireless Internet. You only need to open your Internet browser and you are online.

My Internet access seems slow. What can be the problem?

Several factors affect the speed of the wireless system:

  1. Sometimes, heavy customer demand at peak times during the day and on weekends can slow down access.
  2. In some cases, your PC needs to be reset to clear the cache memory.
  3. You may have a virus
  4. Is anyone at the residence downloading music, movies, etc.?
  5. InvisiMax antennas may have been blown off alignment due to high winds. In this event, we will work quickly to correct the misalignment.
I have forgotten my email password, how do I change it?

f you have forgotten your password you will need to call Customer Service. We will then reset your password on the server. Due to security reasons, we do not keep record of passwords. You can also setup a password hint in the options of our WebMail program that can be access on our web site.

Will InvisiMax supply e-mail addresses?

Yes. At the time of signup, we will need to know how many and what name each will be using. Maximum mailbox size is limited to a total of 50 MB per email address provided. After the user exceeds this limit they will no longer receive email until some of their mail is deleted. This will encourage good mailbox housekeeping. If you are in need of a larger mailbox size, please call our Customer Service Dept. there may be some different options that could meet your needs, such as using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

How will I be billed for this service?

The monthly fee will appear on your InvisiMax bill. Your first bill will include the installation fee, activation fee, first months service and another other charges incurred during installation. The costs can be charged to your Visa or Mastercard credit card. You can view a pdf file of our Billing Policy.