Value of Time

Time is Valuable… InvisiMax services lets you focus on running your business… Not worrying about your IT!

Many key employees, aside from their day to day responsibilities, are also faced with the task of managing various aspects of a company’s technology component. This can drastically reduce productivity and efficiency and prove costly to you the employer.

By choosing InvisiMax as your technology partner, key employees are able to focus solely on their primary responsibilities while the InvisiMax team keeps your business’ technology running smoothly. By saving an employee 1 hour per day of IT related responsibility, InvisiMax services will pay for themselves. Simply put… IT PAYS TO INVEST IN TECHNOLOGY!

The Value of Time


 * Employee calculations are based on an employee earning $50,000 in annual compensation
** InvisiMax services based on Evolution Extreme Package valued at $40.00/month/device


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