Success Stories

I currently am hired as a project manager for North Dakota’s Hospital Engagement Network. It is an initiative comprised of 28 hospitals throughout North Dakota working on a national patient safety project. The aim is to reduce “harm” by 40%, (such as infections, falls, pressure ulcers, etc.) that patients might experience while in hospitals and to reduce preventable readmissions to hospitals by 20%.

I work primarily from home but am in contact with my boss and co-workers via email. I also communicate with all participating hospitals via internet, (e.g., send out electronic newsletters, emails, reporting templates) and participate in national meetings through online webinars. As an example, next week I am attending a virtual meeting in Washington, D.C. over the internet. I will see and hear presentation speakers, respond to online polling questions and the like.

I could not even consider this job if I didn’t have internet access. I know my husband would not want to move to Minot! šŸ™‚

– Bev Randstrom

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional, professional craftsmanship and customer support displayed by the technician who installed the InvisiMax system in our home.

Outstanding Job!

Please ensure tech is notified of this appreciation.

– Annette and Clarence Volk