Remote Support

While in contact with one of our Customer Service Reps or IT Technicians they may need to get access to your computer. They may ask you to download a file to help the troubleshooting further.



SMTP Authentication

To be able to send email through our system you need to enable the SMTP Authentication on your help client. Below you’ll find a list of common email clients:


How to check for Quarantined Messages

The spam filter works to filter spam messages regardless of whether you use Webmail or a client like Outlook Express. By default, the spam filter quarantines spam messages in a folder called “Spam”. Once activated, this folder is viewable in your webmail, or using IMAP. We recommend that you routinely check this folder to ensure no legitimate email is getting caught. All quarantined mail is automatically deleted after 15 days.

  • Log in to Webmail at:
  • Click the Spam Folder in the left-hand menu. Any messages that were quarantined as likely spam will be listed in the Spam Folder.

*Note: If you find a message in your Spam Folder that should not have been quarantined, you can move the message to your Inbox and white-list the sending address all in one step. White-listing the address will prevent future messages from that sender from being quarantined. Simply click the message to open it, and then click the “Allow Sender” link in the message options above the message text. You can also move one or more messages to your Inbox without white-listing the sender. Click the check box to the left of any messages you want to move to your Inbox, and then click the “Move” button at the top of the message list.

For additional information about email filtering send an email to